Company Overview

Subasinghe Contractors is a full service construction company offering a wide range of constructions and engineering services to deliver customer satisfaction beyond their expectations. Engaging growth in every aspect of the company since its inception, today Subasinghe Contractors has become one of the leading and most preferred project development companies in the region. Catering to the evolving needs of the customers through competitive solutions which bring a world class experience, Subasinghe Contractors has been able to outshine its completion in the field of constructions within a shorter period of time.

Being a true player in the field of construction, we always follow a sustainable yet an innovative approach to provide customers with the best. Since the industry is highly dynamic it is important to deliver the thriving requirements of modern construction era in order to be established as a strong brand. With the years of experience and expertise of the Subasinghe Contractors, the company has been able to capture the evolving customer needs and to be more receptive to the emerging environment. Being the professionals in the construction industry Subasinghe Contractors Company has secured several favourable opportunities which also generates new investments and returns to the community we serve in the region.

We are a construction service provider with unparalleled quality. It is one of the main factors which distinguish us from rest of the players in the construction industry. Adhering to the acceptable international construction standards in every stage of the process, assists us to improve organization’s performance day by day where we have been accredited with the ISO 9001 certification the quality management system of the company. Achievement of ICTAD grade C1 status enable Subasinghe Construction to undertake several complex and landmark projects for our valuable clients.

The journey towards achieving excellence of Subasinghe Construction was challenging yet a learning experience. Today the company has grown to a nationally identified construction service provider which may not be possible without the hard work, dedication, passion towards achieving goal of employees of the company. Our prominent goal would always be to transform client’s vision into tangible structures which deliver the world class life experience. Our journey will continue till we achieve the best.


To be the most preferred construction service provider in the industry.


To contribute to the development of local community through delivering world class construction experience to customers which add value through innovation, creativity, quality and integrity.



Trust builds the relations within the company. In every project undertaken, we act with greater integrity and adhere to the acceptable ethical standards. Embracing impartiality and frankness in the process, we deliver a successful project and earn a delighted customer. The utmost asset we receive is the integrity earned through our customers.


Our commitment at Subasinghe construction is towards zero accidents. Improving the safety of workforce, clients and the public as whole is the responsibility of the company. Hence continuous assessments are taking place to modify the existing accident prevention system in order to ensure the expected level of safety within the organization.


Quality is a reflection of hard work, dedication and commitment. Our aim is to deliver a world class experience to our clients rather than just a building. We are committed to deliver customer satisfaction through excellence performance. Hence all the projects and activities are monitored through ISO 9001 certification to ensure the achievement of unparalleled quality.


Our commitment to every project we undertake make us standout from our competitors. From the moment we take the responsibility of your project, till we hand the final establishment, we commit our best. All our employees from the constructors and labourers to engineers and surveyors, everyone is trained to perform their best to your project.

Team work

To deliver the excellence we promote team work in every possible level that is combined with the strength of individuals. The combination of team work and excellence paves us the way to the success. Through the concept of team work, our company has been able to tackle new challenges in the industry while successfully catering to the emerging needs of clients.

Social Responsibility

Our company does not only concentrate on the profit. We are hyper aware of the fact that a company encompasses a responsibility towards the society and the community. Furthermore, the company assures that our construction process causes minimal damage to the environment and the community around it. We also accomplish our social responsibility via the community service projects.


Receiving the recognition for the dedication, hard work and experience encourages us to achieve beyond the excellence. We believe that our work speaks itself. Subasinghe Contractors has been accredited by the ISO-9001 international certification for the quality management system it maintains and rewarded with several other prestigious awards for its performance in the field of engineering and construction. Furthermore our company has received award nominations as well in certain awarding ceremonies across the region. The following are several prestigious awards won by Subasinghe Contractors for its remarkable performance.

Why choose us

Expertise knowledge

Subasinghe Contractors has been operating in the industry and delivering remarkable projects for decades. Hence the expertise knowledge and experience we have gathered over past decades are unmatchable and distinguish our company from those of competition.

Quality Out put

What we hand over to you at the end of the given time consists of the best quality because all the parties involved, all the material involved, machines and technology involved are of the best quality and the final out put too is of the finest quality.

World class experience

Our aim is not to just build but to deliver a world class experience for our valuable clients. The diverse pool of expertise and experience engaged with latest technology abet us in developing projects with unparalleled quality.

Customer satisfaction

We listen to the customer requirements and sketch down their priorities and hand them over the exact imagination that was drawn in their minds. Doing this, we ensure that all our customers are satisfied. Addressing their construction needs, we have won their hearts.

Continuous Supervision

The labours are always under the supervision of the professionals and they are present at the construction site all the time. Every inch of the construction output is carried out under the watchful eyes of the professional knowledge.


Our construction process is smooth and hassle free because we plan from the beginning to the end. All the steps in the planned process are designed by the professional and the expertise knowledge so that no confusion is arisen in the process.

MD’s Message

Md's-MassegeWe are Subasinghe Contractors Pvt (Ltd), the leading construction and engineering service provider in the region. Thank you for the interest and I am confident that the links in our site will take you to all the required information  you are looking for regarding our company.

Being a well known full service provider in the field of construction we are proud of transforming the client’s dream into a reality, a tangible arrangement and rewarding new investments and benefits for all the communities we serve. As the director of Subasinghe Contractors I feel honoured to direct and lead the outstanding group of individuals who are passionately dedicated to serve our customers with quality, integrity and knowledge. If we have a glance at past decades of the company we see many bright spots built on the foundation of hard work and dedication which also encourage us to continue the journey of excellence.

We are a responsible service provider. From the start to the end we provide a fully integrated approach in delivering your desired project to ensure that you will receive the optimal construction solution. With the diligent workforce at Subasinghe Contractors we are capable of navigating the short term challenges in ensuring the completion of your dream project on time and within the budget. Delivering customer satisfaction with an unparalleled quality and sustainability throughout the past few years lead our company to the current position in the construction industry outshining the competition. Our combination of knowledge, experience and commitment is unique from one project to another as what we want is not to just build but let you experience it.

The struggles we face in the past aided us to shine today and as the director of Subasinghe Contractors I am looking forward for new challenges and duties which will take us to a higher position in the future. Please visit us again and experience the dedicated workforce who is passionate to serve their customers with good quality products. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions since they makes us stronger in serving you. Dream higher and built higher.

Quality policy

Quality is the best business virtue of a company. Subasinghe Contractors aims at achieving quality by being a responsible construction service provider because quality is a crucial factor to the growth of a construction company. Our attempt in assuring excellence assists us in laying a solid foundation for a trustworthy relationship.

Maintaining an effective quality management system and applying it to all the activities within the construction process has enabled the company to act a benchmark for other construction service providers in the country. Assuring an unparalleled quality to our products and services helps the company to address the changing needs of customers and to exceed their expectations. However nothing would be possible without the immense help of the dedicated work staff who are passionate in delivering the thriving needs of the customers.

Quality means everything. By adopting this policy, the clients’ of Subasinghe Contractors will be assured of a high standard completed projects and construction services.